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Nidal Farms

Welcome to Nidalfarms website

We believe in better and greenfuture for a healthy life

Nidal Farms
Nidal Farms

welcome to Nidal Farms

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Nidal farms principal goal was to develop products that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment.


We believe in better future for a healthier life, we provide green and colourful values for the well being of the community

Nidal Farms


We will achieve our vision through a quality and taste that add a unique and greater sense of health.


We only touch the vegetables when they are carefully hand picked and packed at the peak of ripeness.

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Nidal Farms

Potato now 10 was 13

Organic - Promotion price:

SAR 10


Nidal Farms

Coconut water 330ml + sugar coconut 500gm

Organic - Promotion price:

SAR 24

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Nidal Farms

Coco Veda sap sugar was 27 now 18

Promotion price:

SAR 18

Coconut sugar is one of the natural alternatives to white sugar harmful to human health, And it is extracted through the era of coconut blossoms,  It features a coconut sugar riches in nutrients important to the human body, such as vitamins and minerals. Coconut is used as a massage or massage to relax the nerves, muscles and bones of the body that is tired and tired. The work of natural masks in order to obtain attractive skin and bright, and lively. Add it to your daily diet regularly in order to lose weight.

Nidal Farms

Merito Coconut water


SAR 10



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